Everything and nothing at all.

This is what I’ve been waiting for

A week and a half ago I went and saw The Chills at the Monte Cristo Room. The Monday after that, I was at Deerhunter’s gig at the same venue. Then four days later I went to my mates’ gig at Kings Arms in Newton (Glass Owls, Artisan Guns, Teacups). It feels super weird because I’ve waited threeeee loooong years to finally be able to do this: get intro R18 gigs at pubs – Jono said to me that “it’s so much easier getting in now that you’re 18”, since I used to have to tag along with them – without having to rock up with my mates’ bands like 3-4 hours prior for soundchecks and set ups, and pretend I’m their roadie or something. As The Strokes put it best with their debut, Is this it?

And my favourite photo so far from Friday night:

In between the late nights, early trainings and other stressful shenanigans I’ve been up to, during study class in the library last week I started scribbling in my notebook again, jotting down ideas and tangents that come into my head, potential lyrics. I don’t want to spoil anything, because the wheels of musical/band projects are fiiinally beginning to turn, so here’s a semi relevant chunk, seeing as it was inspired by Deerhunter last week:

You called, you said, you came,
Hunter, you’re a dear,
I’m a hunter you’re a dear,
do you want to be chased/chaste again?

You walk, in this ethereal forest,
through smoke and rays.
Hunter, be my dear,
we’ll say they never saw us.

Cover Me (Slowly)

I only just realised that my supposedly published blog post from last Friday was never published at all. But seeing as it’s all irrelevant and silly now I can’t be bothered going back to publishing it. So now it’s become my 27th draft post.

Anyway, I’ve been procrastinating from catching up on my mountains of homework for ages and, in between my darting from various accounts – facebook, twitter, last.fm, etc… – I’ve just been reminded of how easy it is to net-stalk me (not that I’m implying that anyone would ever want to, but I’ve had friends that have done that to me before, so…). Afterall, like most people, I would think, I have a handful of usernames that I generally sign up to things under, so it’s quite easy to follow my trail on the internet. I’m not hugely bothered by this, although I’ve suddenly become quite paranoid that the slightly illegal, urhm, shenanigans that we get up to may someday come back to bite us in the arse.

For example – and I can’t believe I never got around to rambling about my 18th, but my little brothers* acquired me “Amanda Lane”. I should explain now that Amanda Lane is a street at a place called Snells Beach a few hours up north from Auckland (popular holiday area), and earlier this year during summer break I had a jazz gig up there at the local cafe/bar/restaurant, and it was then that some of my mates who had rented out a holiday house there informed me of Amanda Lane’s existence and I subsequently went and photographed the street sign. A little digging around on facebook will show you that some 16 year olds’ 5 hours’ illegal late-night drive later, it is now mine. I have to admit, touched and beaming from ear to ear is a far-fetched euphemism when I dug through an entire refrigerator box’s worth of more carboard boxes to unravel such a peculiar birthday present. Kudos guys… this is going to be hard to top.

Oh and I almost forgot my title reference – been listening to Deerhunter, after reading them all over the gig guide, internet and undertheradar… think I might go to their gig in a couple of weeks. $40 for a great Monday night. Hmm… weekday + sister’s 16th the next day though. Gah.

*little brothers being my best mate (Chris – basically my big brother, year older)’s little brother (Stu- year younger) & his mate (Ed).

Please put me above the weather

Well, the highs of turning 18 rather ran out when I ended up in bed for a whole week with an awful cold – thus being “under the weather” – awful awful pun, I know. Only went to school on Thursday and Friday this week, and it’s sad that the only facepalm/headdesk – aka vaguely funny – moment of the week consists of the first ten minutes of 4th period American History. I think I summed up my week rather sadly when I wrote:

“Arrived at history class late today due to jazz combo at lunch time, only to discover Cara had taken my seat in the back row next to Joel. So I grumped and sat in Ben’s (empty) seat in front of Joel. Turns out Joel says he actually wants to sit next to me. So I tilted my head, gesturing at Cara’s seat next to Ben’s (in which I was seated), and he moved forward next to me. None of this was helped by Michael turning around from the front of class, observing, then laughing as he remarked “Ha, Cara you got ditched!”. Seriously.”

My week sucked. However, the only (ironically) redeeming feature is that it is now pouring with rain. Yay.

Last underage post – MY CAR GOT BROKEN INTO

I am LIVID. More than livid.

I cannot be bothered with the details as to how my car got broken into, but now I am short a wallet (license, etc etc etc!) and ipod. And I’m FURIOUS. My license is my ID and I’m turning 18 in one day. Now I’m going to have to use my passport for couple of weeks before I get a new license sent to me. Great.

As if spraining my ankle at training yesterday morning and missing out on the hardest game of the season wasn’t bad enough already.

Ironically, my car was broken into whilst mum and I were purchasing my birthday present. !@#$%^&*(-+

Well… this is going to be my last underage post, cos I simply just don’t have time tomorrow before I turn 18. In fact, if nothing goes to plan, I may even be late to my own birthday party… fail week.

I’m just going to take this as a sign that everything can and will only go uphill from here! See you on the other side!

“Hearing my name creep outta your lips”

Wow, I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep in the past 30+ hours, so I’ll try and keep this snappy. Today was monumental in three ways –

1/ My AS Music exam is over! I have such an awful habit of leaving studying to the last minute – and stayed up until 4am freaking out about it. The moment of either doom or relief dawned upon me at 9am. 2 hours and 16 pages later I exited with a shaky hand and was left wondering just how “average” my result will be. Considering I screwed up my recital performance component, I’ll need about 97% in the written exam today to get an A grade overall.

2/ I’m proud to say that the U15b Girls Hockey team that I help coach (and ref and drive around to games and let my old uniform to) had a great win tonight over Epsom Girls Grammar School. I can’t remember if the final score was 2-nil or 3-nil or whatever; regardless, it was a happy evening, despite getting lost in the dark on the way home from the ‘away’ venue.

3/ Being ‘with’ someone has taken on a new meaning. It’s not about spending (or in some cases wasting) so much time on one another that everything else suffers; not about the sleepless, tearful nights trying to convince someone of trivial matters in arguments I don’t remember – and don’t want to remember – anymore. I’m happy now, my guy is an add-on to my life, not a sacrifice, we complement, not subtract.

Completely irrelevantly though, a friend I haven’t caught up with in ages just sent me a song he recorded – it’s fucking amazing, I might play bass for him (title line is one of my fave lines from it).