Everything and nothing at all.

Last ten days of 17

I can’t believe I’m almost turning 18! In barely ten days’ time I will legally be an adult, be able to buy alcohol, go to pubs, clubs, R18 movies, etc!

It’s a really exciting prospect, yet at the same time scares the crap out of me. Considering the amount of things that have changed since even my last blog post (staggeringly busy, no time to blog, gah!), it’s amazing to think back on the transitions and growths that I’ve experienced in the past 17 years… at the moment I just keep thinking “holy crap!”. My friends joke and say that I’ll “finally be the age that everyone things [I] am” – because I’ve been sneaking into (mostly mates’) gigs in town for years, and have been awaiting the day when I can actually flash my drivers license at the bouncer!

Today’s been the hardest day of my week – it started bright and early at a little past 6am, and saw me go from running warmup laps around the hockey turf which I didn’t actually feel warm after; to attending two classes; leaving school for “year 13s’ half day Wednesday”, only to return for a 3-hour-long seminar by an Australian speaker, Darren Pereira; then I had two hours’ of concert band practise – yet another 12 hour day doing school-related things! In addition to all the stress of my AS Music exam on Tuesday, and internal mock exams all this week and next week, I got informed today that next Friday, on the eve of my birthday party, not only will I have to set up art at school for the annual 1st XI Hockey fundraiser, but then I have to race over to another school, play jazz for a charity gig, and rush back home in time for my own birthday party. How sad is that?! I’m furious at the music teacher – he has asked the stage band/jazz combo whether or not we’d like to do the gig, and most people weren’t keen, especially since half of them were coming to my birthday; but this just makes my already tight schedule even worse.

The thought of my birthday/arty is the only thing that’s getting me through these couple of strenuous weeks – the highlight is, though, I get to countdown to my 18th birthday with all my friends and family :D.

Shiver, stop shivering

It’s turned awfully cold over the past couple of days, which is unfortunately a great reflection of the current mood of my life.

School is getting more demanding, as is music; the hockey season starts this week and our first game is tomorrow – and it’s not going to be easy. I don’t remember how I managed to wake up at 6am all season last year for training, and then for music practise, but it’s only the second week of term and it’s already difficult. On top of that, I’m currently dealing with a breakup, and it’s not been easy… at a mental war with myself over whether or not to go back and try it again; but as is obvious, I have little time, and everything is taking its toll on me.

In other matters, every year, I am reminded of what an issue having numerous, eclectic friends that have nothing to do with each other is. This is an especially prominent feature in the planning of my annual birthday parties – who to invite, and who to perhaps invite as a buddy so they don’t get bored. I’m friends with people from so many social groups – the bogans, the indie kids, school band geeks, the normal “mainstream” people, etc etc. What also doesn’t help is that I have a relatively small, cosy house, and being in New Zealand, the month of May is at the start of winter, which means it gets dark and cold at around 5 instead of 9-10pm. What a hassle. But it’s one that I will have to go through again this year, especially since it’s my 18th and all… it should be good.

“Healthy” rip off

See this drink here? This sloshy pinky liquid with what looks like pink biofoam on top? It cost $7.90.

Now normally I wouldn’t have gone near such an atrocious rip off, but my friend had a voucher for “buy 1 get 1 free”, so when I said that I was thirsty, we couldn’t help but endulge in a ‘bargain’ of a free drink… so technically that drink cost me $3.95. Regardless… it was supposed to be a berry smoothie, the menu frolicking with delicious descriptions of a multitude of berries and frozen yoghurt. What I got turned out to be about as viscous as a cup of tea. I don’t know whether the lady that made it forgot the part about frozen yoghurt and ice, or whether their recipe was just an uber-fail, regardless, the smoothie – no it doesn’t even qualify that title – juice thing was revolting. Not only did it taste awful, but it also had a lot of pips in it… from the boysenberry, maybe? Twenty minutes and a sore stomach later, I thoroughly regretted being firstly coerced into buying that drink, and then feeling too guilty about wasting and downing the whole damn thing. Never again.

What I don’t understand though, is the whole franchise of healthy, “tasty” alternatives to fizzy drinks and other smoothies/drinks of high sugar/calorie content being so expensive. $7.90 could’ve bought enough for a meal for two from the supermarket, or at least a burger combo at any buger joint, but no, instead, I merely got a disgusting, and disgustingly expensive healthy drink. It seems that people these days will pay an arm and a leg not to satisfy their tastebuds, but to mend their conscience by telling themselves they consumed something “healthy”. Next time I’m that thirsty, I’ll settle for a glass of tap water, thanks.

It’s Blitz!

First of all – It’s Blitz! by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is AMAZING! I’ve finally gotten it, after months of lurking around on msn with the release date on my personal message. I have to admit, after first hearing Zero, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect – was there to be more of the same, twangy, catchy, zesty power tunes that the ingenious Zinner has made up on guitar, or something slightly more sinister, featuring the sophisticated side of Karen O’s vocals?

The answer was to be a tasteful equilibrium of the two. I’ve currently been making a huge attempt to tidy my room with this album on in the – no, not background, at all – well, with the album playing, and as usual, I’m loving the lyrics. One of my personal favourites so far based on both the way it sounds and the lyrics will have to be Hysteric – the words “Flow sweetly, hang heavy/You suddenly complete me/You suddenly completely” ring so heavily in my ears.

In other matters, I went shopping with my Mum and sister in Newmarket a couple of days ago in search of some ball shoes. I ended up with a pair of Mollini in coral (my phone takes crappy pictures, the colour looks off here), and whilst it doesn’t perfectly match my ball dress colour (flame red), I’d like to think that I will wear these heels on other occasions as well – plus, who’ll really be looking at your shoes if you’re in a Jovani dress? They were on sale, so I got them for $90 at virtually half price.

Despite being completely happy with the shoes, I’m outraged at the shitty customer service that I received. Upon arrival in the store, I found about three different shoes that I wanted to try on, and the two girls (they looked only 20-something) that worked there gave me one of those bitchy up-and-down looks, and proceeded to continue chatting behind the counter right at the back of the store, completely ignoring my presence and the fact that I was approaching them with all these shoes in my hands. Then, when I asked them if I could get them in my size, one of them snapped “Those two are the last pair, I’ll find go find this one”, and fell just short of snatching them out of my hands. What on earth.

By this point I was insulted. Okay fine if you two don’t want to approach every customer that enter the store and end up “only browsing”, but here I was, a more-than-eager customer wanting to try shoes on, and they were completely putting me off. Well I ended up falling in love with this pair but decided to ask them to put them on hold for twenty minutes so we could finish strolling up Broadway – and you know, just in case I found something better… in a store with nicer sales assistants – and I got a “yeah whatever”. Not only that, but when I returned less than a quarter of an hour later to pick up and pay for my shoes, I approached the counter to see one of the was busy rummaging in the back room for a shoe in someone’s size (the store was full by this point), and was wondering where on earth the other girl had gone when I heard a rustle, peeked over the counter, and found her sitting against the back wall, evidently hiding behind the counter, pretending like she wasn’t there, so she didn’t have to do her job! Then I had to say “umm… excuse me?” about four times before she finally let out an impatient sigh and stood up to serve me. I was just short of slapping her with a shoe or something when she looked blankly at me like she didn’t recognise me, and gave me an “eh, wtf?” look when I told her that I was here to pick up my shoes that were on hold – this, being the same girl I’d given them to.

It took her forever to find the shoes. I was mad. And left the store cursing them and telling my mother that I was definitely going to ring up their manager and lay a huge complaint at some point.

I’ve just looked up the store’s phone number.

Red nails, retail therapy and a hundred posts

Finally, my term one holidays has been kick started by Easter Weekend. As usual, within 24 hours of being released from the realms of our strict school rules, I immediately coloured my nails… red again – I went on a hunt for black, but couldn’t find it, and gold was just not bold enough for my mood.

I can’t believe that after almost three years that this is finally my hundredth post! Actually, I can believe it, because I’ve simply always been too busy or too lazy; or, more often than not, a combination of the two. My friend Angie and I sped off in my car straight from the school carpark (oh what rebels we are, our school doesn’t allow students to drive to school, most certainly not with passengers, unless you have a driving permit and passenger permission – both of which I’m a proud owner of – although I don’t think the mall’s what they had in mind when they issued that to me) the minute school let out at 2pm on Thursday. One of the few upsides with my school is that school always finishes an hour earlier when there’s a long-weekend holiday – we take ample advantage of it, of course.

I don’t think the rooftop carpark wall minded witnessing our drastic transformation from a primped and highly decorated school uniform (we adorn many badges) to flash things on heels. Ang and I spent the next 7 hours glamourising ourselves in changing rooms and making mental wishlists… my 18th birthday is in a month, presents, anyone? I couldn’t remember the last time I had so much fun (window) shopping. Hopefully when I receive my holiday paycheck for tomorrow (not even working, on Easter Sunday, yessss) I’ll be able to go back and buy a gorgeous sequin dress from Max. It’s a shame no one wants to pay $199 for a pair of pants that look amazing on me (even if I say so myself) – which is really saying something about how nicely cut and designed they were, considering I don’t generally look very good in pants. Towards the end of the day, however, after 2 malls and 7 hours of strutting around in heels, I was satisfied with the purchase of a new cardigan-shawl-like thing, as well as four bits of jewellery for $5/each from Bling at Botany since they’re closing down – they’re getting more stolen from them than what they’re making, the girl from school that works there said. I’m not complinaing.

I’m thinking I’ll take some photos of how I’ve been dressing lately, sort of as a point for future reference for myself, maybe? I feel very rock ‘n’ roll lately. I’ve always felt that way… but moreso as of late.