The Kills

It’s actually 3rd period at the moment, but I just got home from school; the entire 1st and 2nd XI girls hockey teams have been excused for the rest of the day to play against St. Mary’s, a South African school’s touring teams. To be honest I’m actually nervous right now, upon hearing that they’ve played/are playing against schools like Kamo or Dio around Auckland, all of which are in the Auckland Secondary Schools A side that we play in, which means they’ll give us a pretty hard run.

I knocked someone out cold on tournament last Friday. Our team ended up coming 1st-equal after 3 round-robin games on Friday and Saturday, finishing nil-all in the finals against Baradene; I’m actually thoroughly diappointed and frustrated that we didn’t win outright. If they had done a countback we would’ve been declared the winning team – we had far more PC’s, and were completely undeafeated in the tournament, having already beaten them in our first game on Friday; not to mention we hadn’t conceded any goals all weekend.

I’ve always been on the receiving end of injuries – having my nose fractured by a hockey ball on my 15th birthday, having my face hit with a hockey ball on several occasions, being bashed elsewhere with hockey sticks and balls (I have a fresh bruise by my knee off a hit from our captain), etc etc – but I hadn’t been on the giving end of anything major, until now. To be fair, it wasn’t fully my fault, but it could’ve been avoided if either of us had done things differently. Basically, the girl had attempted to tackle me at about the 25, but missed, so I ran on with the ball to the 16/approaching top of the circle, saw a wide gap at the goal, went to take a hit and on the upswing – BAM! – I stopped cold. And froze. And she blacked out with blood oozing out of her head. You’re not supposed to stay running in someone’s blindspot after a failed tackle… you’re meant to go around and in front. I don’t know what she was thinking (obviously she wasn’t thinking), but as bad as I feel for having done that, I can’t possibly have known she was there; we’re taught – and it’s instinctive – to start swinging your stick for a shot at goal the minute you hit the 16 line on the run to the circle… I can’t imagine me checking my blindspot at the same time as I would if it were in my car.

Turns out she’s fine and was laughing but the end of the match, but I was completely stone cold for a good few hours.

The night before that was the best night I’ve had in a while – I’ve been bogged down by doing so much music practise and trying to keep up with my A Levels that I’m going insane – because THE KILLS were in town! We saw them live at the Transmission Room, which is a pretty cosy little venue, so it was completely sold out, and they were amazing.

Alison was so freaking sexy! I’d wondered how they’d pull off drums, and turns out they played to a pre-recorded track – but even then they were soo tight. Ahhhh I can’t get over how good it was. She reminds me of a wilder version of the character Alison off the movie Yes Man. Same hair, same music, same scene. Me in a few years’ time? Maybe. Hopefully.

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