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I’m not sure how clicking “Save Draft” resulted in the loss of my almost-finished blog post just now, but it somehow happened. Since I can’t handle trying to re-write it again, I’ll start with a fresh topic.

I have a confession to make. I am the proud owner of one of these “Pop” phones by Native Union:

My introduction to the existence of such a device was through my dad telling me about how he and my sister Liv saw these in a store. They’d wondered what silly people would buy such a thing, only then to get in an elevator with someone who had just used one for a phone call. I completely forgot about that story until I stumbled across a whole shelf full of these “phones” in Kitson at Santa Monica back in November. I got so excited and determined to get one in this particular colour that, when I discovered they didn’t have any non-samples in mint, I even made the store assistant ring up the Malibu branch to check that they had some. I’m more than a little ashamed at how much trouble that sounds like, but to put it in context, my sister’s college campus is in Malibu, so that store was only 5 minutes away, right next to places we ate at anyway.

Liv made fun of me and couldn’t believe that I wanted to buy a big clunky thing to attach to my iphone or laptop. “But it will make skyping and viber-calling you easier!” I’d protested, urging her to take me to Crumbs for cupcakes and then going a few metres further into Kitson.

Whenever I buy “luxury items” (read: not necessities), I try to justify them by either how much “happiness” and ease they will bring into my life, and by cost-per-use analysis. This device has exceeded my expectations on both fronts

Sure, I can see how absurd my attraction towards this “phone” thing was, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how easily I’ve kept my promises of using it over and over. Whilst in LA alone, I’d skyped the boy countless times, and whenever I’m home, I’ve used it for every phone (or skype/viber) call which lasts longer than a couple of minutes. My cost-per-use is down to much lower than $0.50, and it’s just so much easier to use this, than to tolerate the earache or headache that using mobile phones causes. Not to mention the icky residue that occurs on smartphones these days, from sweat or makeup on one’s face.

I can tuck this big receiver against my shoulder, put my iphone in my back pocket, and talk to my sister on the other side of the world, whilst tidying my room. Like how old-fashioned phone calls used to be! Comfy, with the tendency to go on for far too long.


  1. Kristine June 11, 2013

    Those things are pretty cool, if you ask me. I like how it’s a bit of a throwback, but at the same time it’s innovative. I would totally use a pop phone if I wanted to multitask whilst talking on my cellphone. And the less often I have my iPhone stuck to my head, the less risk I have of getting cancer. I say win/win!

  2. April June 11, 2013

    LOL, whoever DOESN’T buy one of these is silly! I mean, I think some people would probably consider it a “hipster” move or something but I actually think that’s really cool! And the colours are so cute!

    I think the pros with this definitely outweigh the cons in any case, good purchase I say! :)

    • Amanda June 11, 2013

      I’m so glad you think so! Everyone in my family made fun of me when I first got it!!

  3. Stephanie June 12, 2013

    The only times I’ve seen those attachments is in a high-end catalog that was fill of overpriced things and at a store in the Santa Monica Promenade. I’m glad that peep ole actual lot do enjoy them for more than looking retro. I probably wouldn’t get one because I could never hold a phone between my eat and shoulder anyway. In I’m jealous of all the people that can.

  4. Liv June 12, 2013

    This phone is like the 90s again, and if I saw it I would buy it too after giving myself justification. (I bought a Nintendo 3DS XL with the justification that I never owned a handheld before.) I can’t actually remember making calls with a phone like that, because we never had long distance plans and by the time I was at the age to spend my life on the phone, my friends were living long distance and I could use a cell. But I certainly remember the earaches.

    And this phone looks so cute that I want one just to sit there … I have a lot of things like that.

  5. Becca June 15, 2013

    I remember seeing one of these in the store, and at that time I didn’t really think about it much. I thought they were kind of weird because I was imagining just using them in public and how many weird stares I might get, but it actually sounds really practical! I hate that gross residue that you get on the screen from talking on the phone, so it would be nice just for that reason alone.

    Plus, it is really cute! :D


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