“Let’s go, it gives you a drive and a beach”

Today was the last day of a long weekend – thanks to Waitangi Day falling on a Friday this year, it merged with the weekend, instead of us getting a random week day off school – so I wasn’t in a particularly good mood, what with school having fully kicked in, and Sundays generally being rather depressing. Sitting around at home seemed like such a waste of such a nice sunny day, so the boy and I went for a long drive out to some beaches whilst I clicked away and even took some polaroids. This is one of my faves – it’s a view through the windscreen, with a blurred reflection of a polaroid I’d taken.

In other, exciting matters I just bought my ticket to see THE KILLS on March 26th – screw it being a Thursday (school) night, it’ll be bangin’!

Greatest Summer

I just had arguably the greatest summer of my life – home alone for a month and a half, equipped with a full license and summer income… what more could I have asked for?! So much yet so little has changed for me over the past two months since I last posted, I don’t even know where to begin to start blogging again. I don’t think I could ever fill the gaps, so I’m not going to even attempt it. But I’ll be sorting my photos out and hopefully uploading some soon, whoot.

Year 13, aka 7th form officially started for me yesterday; it felt weird to have my last “first day of school”, but I’m already getting really busy what with my AS Music recital and exams coming up soon, being school prefect and sports captain, hockey pre-seasons and trials underway, etc… On the bright side though, I got back my other AS Levels results a few weeks ago:
AS English Literature: 93%
AS European History: 91%
AS Photography: 74%
I’m happy with everything except for photography – don’t even get me started on the amount of people in my photography class that are in rage like me, especially when we compare our marks to the marks of classmates’ who we thought didn’t produce work as good as ours… or maybe I’m just being a bit up myself. Regardless, that’s still 50 UCAS points. So at the moment I have 170. Hopefully by the time I’ve done my AS Music, it’ll be 230. Then if all goes to plan I’ll finish this year with 460-70 in total with my A Levels and AS Economics, ha.

Hello world!

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