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She’s a snake and a charmer at the same time

Whilst making all the new headers for my random image rotation banner, I remembered that I hadn’t posted this photo! It’s one of my favourite in a long time. I spied this couple from the 2nd floor of the Downtown mall foodcourt one night when me and my friend David were in search of a soft serve for him. We had a window seat and I thought they were super cute standing there in the empty square hugging that I had to snap a pic. The look of them almost makes me very, very lonely, until my non-committal phobias kick in, haha. The overlay-looking effect is the reflection of the foodcourt chairs in the window I’m looking through.

I went to a friend’s 18th birthday party last night, but I don’t have any pictures because I didn’t take a camera (she has plenty, so I’ll steal and post some later, maybe). It’s kind of funny because all her birthday parties year after year are like the same event. With virtually the same people. Except every year we’re all a little older, a little rowdier, and of course alcohol was suitably pulled out last night. I drove so didn’t really drink much – but they made some crazy-ass punch!

The other, completely irrelevant thing on my mind is the fact that, as luck would have it, the first, serious tattoo I’ve actually contemplated in a certain place… already graces the body of Erin Wasson. Now that’s hard to top. Except hers is upside down to what I’d like. To have you having to google-imaging it, I’ll stop being mysterious and say that the item in question is a feather. I haven’t drawn up anything of substance, but I want a light-looking feather, and I want half of the chinese character of **for some reason my WP won’t let me publish a chinese character so click here for it** (meaning feather, in case you hadn’t already guessed) blended in, subtly. See how the word even looks a little feather-like? And it’s relevant because it’s in my chinese name, as wel as symbolising a lot of things. Ahh, now I just need the decisiveness, guts and pain-tolerance!