Greatest Summer

I just had arguably the greatest summer of my life – home alone for a month and a half, equipped with a full license and summer income… what more could I have asked for?! So much yet so little has changed for me over the past two months since I last posted, I don’t even know where to begin to start blogging again. I don’t think I could ever fill the gaps, so I’m not going to even attempt it. But I’ll be sorting my photos out and hopefully uploading some soon, whoot.

Year 13, aka 7th form officially started for me yesterday; it felt weird to have my last “first day of school”, but I’m already getting really busy what with my AS Music recital and exams coming up soon, being school prefect and sports captain, hockey pre-seasons and trials underway, etc… On the bright side though, I got back my other AS Levels results a few weeks ago:
AS English Literature: 93%
AS European History: 91%
AS Photography: 74%
I’m happy with everything except for photography – don’t even get me started on the amount of people in my photography class that are in rage like me, especially when we compare our marks to the marks of classmates’ who we thought didn’t produce work as good as ours… or maybe I’m just being a bit up myself. Regardless, that’s still 50 UCAS points. So at the moment I have 170. Hopefully by the time I’ve done my AS Music, it’ll be 230. Then if all goes to plan I’ll finish this year with 460-70 in total with my A Levels and AS Economics, ha.


  1. Jess February 3, 2009

    TAIWAN BABY YEAAAH. I think I read somewhere ages ago that you’re Taiwan too… are you mixed though? You have somewhat of an exotic look =P

    WHAT DID YOU SPEND THE SUMMER DOING?!?? Home alone, license, TIME, thas all you need =D

    And man you are busy in school. Like seriously busy. I envy you because you have so much under your belt, achievements and things you’re involved with, but at the same time you’ve got so much on I wonder if I were in your shoes if I could juggle it all. Eeep. Um.. no idea what those numbers and grades are, but… sounds good? =P Keep it up!

    • Amanda February 3, 2009

      Haha, exotic? Thanks… that was quite generous. Nah, I’m not mixed, I wish I was though XD. I spent the summer doing the usual – drink, eat eat eat, sun, beach, tan, party, gigs, more eats, working and crashing mostly at mates’ houses :D.

  2. Maggie February 3, 2009

    Hey~ congrats on those great marks! Wish mine were as great as that….. coughdcough… :???:

    Awesome to hear you had an awesome summer~ and good luck on your last year of high school!

    Oooh you got your full (I have yet to get that… I feel so behind, most of my (younger) friends have recently attained theirs…..), now all you need to be is 18 and you can rock those clubs…. not that you don’t already ;)

  3. Kaylee February 3, 2009

    Your summer does sound awesome, especially the being home alone part.

    Congratulations on your results!

  4. dayze February 4, 2009

    well done on your results! great to hear that you had an awesome summer too :D

  5. Felisa February 4, 2009

    Well at least one of us was having fun!

    Yay on your results and good luck with school!


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