V Weekend

I just watched a depressing 2-hour documentary on the Documentary Channel and I’m not very coherent right now. I hate Sundays, I really, really do.

University starts in a month… unfortunately, I’m not going to be there for yet another year, but it means that a lot of my friends are leaving. One has just been accepted on a full scholarship to the music conservatory in Singapore, a couple others are awaiting on acceptance into American Unis; but the one closest to home is V – she’s not even leaving the country but in about a week and a half she’ll be moving down to Palmerston North, which is about 7 hours drive south. Friday night we had a party, with farewells used as the excuse. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the shitty mood that everyone’s been in, but most people go drunk much faster and with less alcohol as usual, and the party ended a lot earlier than usual. I think it’s rather ironic that some of the finest students in the country are forced to give up their (entire) social lives and move down to Palmy for up to 5 years in order to complete their veterinary degrees, as it’s the only place available in the country. Mind you, I suppose that cons them into studying much harder?

As for Valentine’s this weekend, amongst other things, I got a rose and tulip. The tulip’s an inside joke though, but I liked its shadow on the wall…


  1. Felisa February 16, 2009

    God, parting with my “bestest” friends was hard. :neutral: Fortunately, most of us are just about two hours away from each other. I still get to see them once or twice a month and because we’re all busy, I don’t even notice that time pass by.

    Hmm… that tulip shadow. Am I thinking what you’re thinking??

  2. Amanda February 16, 2009

    what are you thinking…?


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