free yourself that leash is long, long, long

I feel like it’s a miracle I managed to survive the past week. I had a contracts test, a technical jury for double bass and a torts moot, back-to-back in the space of 72 hours. That I did not feel prepared for virtually anything, is a momentous understatement. My daily brain-function quotas were maxed out and I probably used the next three weeks’ worth, explaining why I have not so much as pretended to open a book all weekend. To top it all off, I’ve had a flu for which I’ve been drugged out on codeine, making it all the harder to stay awake. Somehow, in the space of the past seven days, I managed to do all this, photograph Esther’s wedding, pick up another commissioned assignment, and did a graduation photoshoot for a friend.

Oh yeah, and the boy graduated in the middle of the week, during my tech jury, so I didn’t witness the ceremony itself. But afterwards, we had too many celebratory drinks and I irresponsibly got too tipsy to write my moot which was at 9am the next day. I don’t know how I hauled myself out from under the pillow to write it at 5am. I also don’t know how much I like being me right now. It may sound like I’m complaining, but I’m not, really. I signed up to do all this. I signed up for far more than what qualifies as a “full-time study workload” — I chose to do all this, so I’m not really complaining. Just… trying to vent to get through it. And get through it well. Because, let’s be honest here, a certain lecturer may try to tell us all she likes that getting a C-grade for contract law reflects that our work is “satisfactory”, but no one ever got an internship or job off that grade.

I’m just feeling really envious of all my friends who have been capped and awarded with their all-expensive “piece of paper(s)” that’s been earned through hard work, blood and sweat. Although I do have an odd choice to make next year — do I attend a graduation ceremony for my music degree alone? Or wait to wear white an light blue simultaneously?

A handful of photos from Wednesday night:

P.S. I love the song that I nicked the title of this post from, but I think I must’ve subconsciously chosen it because it’s what I feel I need to do: free myself from the leash that is university and my ever-violent battles with time constraints. I’m working hard, by my standards, but hell, definitely nowhere near 100%. What is my 100%? How will I know? How does anyone know if they’re putting in 100%?!


  1. Stephanie May 13, 2013

    Dude, if you’ve used up last week’s energy, this week’s energy, and the next two weeks’ energy all in one week, then you’re working more than 100%! At least on TV, they always say that humans are capable of putting in more than 100% effort because humans are awesome. Congrats to the boy and all your friends for graduating, and congrats to you for accomplishing all that you did accomplish!

    I will say that graduation ceremonies are pretty boring because they consist of way too much waiting for your name to be called. I walked once for my BS last year. I could walk again in 2014 for my MS as well, but probably will not. Most graduate students at my school do not walk at their ceremonies. So, I recommend that you walk once later, and more epically than everyone else.

    Good luck with the rest of your work! I’m currently going through the photos in your portfolio and ogling.

  2. Ashley May 18, 2013

    Oh my! You have surely no energy at all! You need to take a breath and take a break girl! You sounds like you have been running around with your head cut off! Way to get everything done though! :)

    Your photos look amazing!


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