Shiver, stop shivering

It’s turned awfully cold over the past couple of days, which is unfortunately a great reflection of the current mood of my life.

School is getting more demanding, as is music; the hockey season starts this week and our first game is tomorrow – and it’s not going to be easy. I don’t remember how I managed to wake up at 6am all season last year for training, and then for music practise, but it’s only the second week of term and it’s already difficult. On top of that, I’m currently dealing with a breakup, and it’s not been easy… at a mental war with myself over whether or not to go back and try it again; but as is obvious, I have little time, and everything is taking its toll on me.

In other matters, every year, I am reminded of what an issue having numerous, eclectic friends that have nothing to do with each other is. This is an especially prominent feature in the planning of my annual birthday parties – who to invite, and who to perhaps invite as a buddy so they don’t get bored. I’m friends with people from so many social groups – the bogans, the indie kids, school band geeks, the normal “mainstream” people, etc etc. What also doesn’t help is that I have a relatively small, cosy house, and being in New Zealand, the month of May is at the start of winter, which means it gets dark and cold at around 5 instead of 9-10pm. What a hassle. But it’s one that I will have to go through again this year, especially since it’s my 18th and all… it should be good.


  1. Felisa May 4, 2009

    Ahhh I can relate to your 3rd paragraph so much. My 18th birthday was a mix of weird people… From nerds to artsy hippies to stoners. I just can’t help but be attracted to people’s energies regardless of what clique they fall into. And my birthday is in December (so it was cold here) and it was fun but some definitely felt out of place. So good luck with that!

    When exactly is your birthday, May baby? :grin:

  2. Jane May 4, 2009

    I am going through a breakup too and while mine is probably completely different to yours. I don’t advice you to go back. I went back and a month later I am here again more hurt than before.

  3. Holly May 11, 2009

    I’m sorry about your breakup, I hope you can decide what to do soon. :)

    Boo at winter. I hate it. I am DEFINITELY a summer person!


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