Last ten days of 17

I can’t believe I’m almost turning 18! In barely ten days’ time I will legally be an adult, be able to buy alcohol, go to pubs, clubs, R18 movies, etc!

It’s a really exciting prospect, yet at the same time scares the crap out of me. Considering the amount of things that have changed since even my last blog post (staggeringly busy, no time to blog, gah!), it’s amazing to think back on the transitions and growths that I’ve experienced in the past 17 years… at the moment I just keep thinking “holy crap!”. My friends joke and say that I’ll “finally be the age that everyone things [I] am” – because I’ve been sneaking into (mostly mates’) gigs in town for years, and have been awaiting the day when I can actually flash my drivers license at the bouncer!

Today’s been the hardest day of my week – it started bright and early at a little past 6am, and saw me go from running warmup laps around the hockey turf which I didn’t actually feel warm after; to attending two classes; leaving school for “year 13s’ half day Wednesday”, only to return for a 3-hour-long seminar by an Australian speaker, Darren Pereira; then I had two hours’ of concert band practise – yet another 12 hour day doing school-related things! In addition to all the stress of my AS Music exam on Tuesday, and internal mock exams all this week and next week, I got informed today that next Friday, on the eve of my birthday party, not only will I have to set up art at school for the annual 1st XI Hockey fundraiser, but then I have to race over to another school, play jazz for a charity gig, and rush back home in time for my own birthday party. How sad is that?! I’m furious at the music teacher – he has asked the stage band/jazz combo whether or not we’d like to do the gig, and most people weren’t keen, especially since half of them were coming to my birthday; but this just makes my already tight schedule even worse.

The thought of my birthday/arty is the only thing that’s getting me through these couple of strenuous weeks – the highlight is, though, I get to countdown to my 18th birthday with all my friends and family :D.


  1. Amanda May 13, 2009

    Oh how weird, I had Darren Pereira speak to my class as well when I was in high school. He’s boring, there’s not much point to his speeches. :P

    And, early happy birthday!

  2. Maggie May 15, 2009

    Aha – Darren Pereira! He’s like everywhere!! O_O

    I don’t think it was very motivating…. or maybe it was.. oh and just had a little flashback of the stuff/”exercises” he made us do…..

    And yay! Eighteen! =)

  3. Felisa May 15, 2009

    You can buy alcohol in less than 10 days?! I’m 19 and still can’t. Fmylife! lol

    So have you finalized plans for your party yet? :)

  4. Amanda May 19, 2009

    Gotta love it being r18 not 21! :p

  5. Amanda May 19, 2009

    nah it wasn’t a “motivational speech” though.

  6. Amanda May 19, 2009

    plussssss, i think he must’ve waaay improved since then, haha.
    how long ago was this?


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