I look like a druggie

I can’t remember what made me want to do a mini shoot today. I think the combination of little sleep and very early winter mornings for the past 3 days in a row, along with a lot of music practise and reading history textbooks resulted in my need for an alternative outlet. I haven’t done any photos in quite a while, let alone self-portraits, so there’s still a lot to be desired. But for now, I’m just happy that I did something today, other than looking and feeling drugged out, running on adrenalin all day. An hour ago when a friend asked me on MSN how training was this morning, I almost said “excuse me, what?” because this morning seems more like a faraway dream. The other thing I managed to achieve today was open a couple of new bank accounts and set up a Visa Debit card at ASB bank. Now all I have to do is give my new account number to my boss, so I won’t be the only person to not receive pay on time!

Anyway, I should be getting some sleep now, I have a long day tomorrow that entails a hockey game. But hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks I’ll have dveloped my black and white films and get them scanned/printed – some are from last year but I’m working on some at the moment.

These aren’t in the right order, but here’s a handful, starting with the one I look most like a druggie in, haha:


  1. Maggie July 23, 2009

    Ah, wow those are awesome pics :)

    Aww, hopefully you don’t burn out from being so busy! And, yeah taking a break and doing something out of your daily routine is good… oh, I wish it was holidays already! Sigh~

  2. chanel July 25, 2009

    Yeah, the pictures look professional. How was the hockey game?

  3. Leanne July 26, 2009

    i think photo shoots allow you to just go crazy and jump out of your shell, especially when you’re in need of an energy and positive boost.

    look after yourself!

  4. Felisa July 27, 2009

    You do not look like a druggie. You look gorgeous! I love your hair. Do you curl it or scrunch it or something like that?

  5. Amanda July 28, 2009

    Thanks :)
    Nope, my mum and friends convinced me to get a perm about sept/oct last year – it was awful at first but now I love my hair for the first time in my life, haha!

  6. Amanda July 28, 2009

    Only cos I used mum’s pro camera >< The game was awful, we're playing down a grade, won by default, lent the other team some players, and still thrashed them 10-nil.

  7. Yolanda August 2, 2009

    You look gorgeous in your pictures! I’d like to take more self portraits, but the truth is, I’m way too camera shy.


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