Kiss me where your eyes won’t meet me

AS/A Level music class 2009 on the last day of school:

Super glad to be on study leave, so I don’t have to pretend like I’m actually attempting some form of revision in class – when I’m really too hell-bent on sussing out my upcoming weekend or some other form of social life. Life has been such, until yesterday, when I finally began studying for my first exam, which is next Monday. Which is then to be followed by my worst subject/paper, on Wednesday. Please shoot me now. And I’m not quite sure why I always seem to be lying across several people in photos – this one sort of looks like a re-enactment of my 17th birthday last year. Which… thinking about it now, is a ridiculously long time ago.

I’m not sure where the last week of freedom just went. Other people on study leave have been working ten times harder and longer than they had at school, ever. Meanwhile, day in, night out has pretty much been my inverted cycle of life. Drank some, danced some, drove a whole lot – the other night I went and rescued some friends who had compleeeeeeeeeeeeetely run out of petrol… that was rather disastrous for them, especially since they hadn’t invited me to their intimate do-up it was quite humiliating, I suspect. Needless to say, I wasn’t entirely bubbly at 2am, but I was keen on a late night drive with a friend anyway, so that was simply an excuse.

Us girls will never now how we make you boys feel.


  1. Holly November 1, 2009

    Yay for the last day of school! I remember that well, lol!

  2. Jess November 4, 2009

    This photo looks like one of those “I have three cameras pointing at me which one do I look like, fail” photos =P
    I must also mention, trust you to be the one in the most provocative pose!

    The whole taxi driver event sounds crap to be honest. Totally ‘thanks for leaving me out guys…. I appreciate it’.

    Good luck with your exams, you’ll kick ass.


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