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Another week, and two all-nighters later, I am three out of five essays down. I cannot wait until November 10th which will be the first day of my summer holiday! So this is the plan, I’ll state it publicly now and hopefully I will actually follow through. Because I am such a messy person, of course my room (especially my desk!) is once again just… a wreck, basically. Frankly, I can’t study or concentrate when it’s so messy because I can’t feel like I’m sitting down to do something “proper”, so once I hit “publish”, I will get up and tidy. Ready for the rest of this week, which I’m sure will be very, very long.

It seems I’m not the only person that needs a tidy environment to study or be productive in. But the problem is, often “tidying” because a form of procrastination itself. Thus, without any plans to do further studies or practise tonight, I am just going to tidy then hit the hay. Yes, I will… Does anyone have any tips on how to keep a desk/room tidy? Because I mess it up so quickly, it only takes sitting down at the desk and voila! There’s teacups, drink bottles, tissues, pens,  eeeeverywhere. Surely there’s got to be a more efficient way to go about being a student than this!

Also, these are some more photos from the last roll of film I posted. I’ve left out all the boring group shots and just left in what I thought were nice or amusing. It’s always such a surprise when I get films developed from my point-and-shoot because I don’t think about what I’m doing, unlike when I shoot with a film SLR. That’s when I have a certain level of anticipation and expectations, which is not always a good thing. These photo are from exactly four months ago. All on Kodak UltraMax 400 film, some of my 21st birthday party aftermath follows:

P.S. I jumped the gun a bit and bought us tickets to Crystal Castle’s Auckland show as well. It’s a super early present of some description but oh well. In conjunction with the other shows I mentioned last week, January is shaping up to be SERIOUS PARTY TIME.


  1. Becca October 2, 2012

    I’m a pretty messy person too, but I’ve found since living in a dorm I’ve been a lot cleaner and tidier. I try to clean up each day that way it doesn’t build up and I don’t have to take a really long time to straighten up. Usually in the morning before class I tend to be messy, but when I get back from class I straighten up. And then throughout the day I just try to put back everything when I’m done with that activity, because like you, I can’t focus on my studies when my desk is so totally messy!

    Aw, looks like you had a lot of fun on your birthday. Happy belated birthday!

    And I’m slowly getting used to being away from home. I still miss it, like you said, but now it’s just being able to tolerate it and be able to still focus on my studies. Thanks for your encouraging comment :)

  2. Michelle October 2, 2012

    Happy Belated Birthday! And those photos show that you all had such fun :)

    I’m not the tidiest person either. My desk used to be a mess then I decided to colour coordinate everything and get some pen holders, post-it holders, a CD holder and a little tray thing to keep loose papers in:)

  3. Stephanie October 8, 2012

    Whenever I sit down at my desk, piles of paper start forming within a few minutes, and the amount of desk space decreases by a lot within an hour. For me, I will try very very hard not to print out too many of the papers I want to read (and read more things electronically if possible) so that the clutter will move from the desk to the computer screen, where it is more easily organized. I dunno if that’d work for you, though.

    But if you are more productive on a tidy desk and make your desk messy every so often, then tidying up is a good investment in time, right?

  4. Krystal October 10, 2012

    I’m in between a messy person and a neat person. I like cleaning up when I’m in the perfect cleaning mood, but when I’m not, my room gets pretty messy. But even when it’s messy, I try to hide stuff and neatly place my textbooks somewhere. So, even if my room looks messy, at least it looks neat. :P

    Looks like you had a fun birthday. :D Happy Belated Birthday!


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